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a creative studio in athens, georgia

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Looking for a creative partner?

Web Design, Branding, & Graphic Design in Athens, GA

Our Athens web design and web development agency offers custom online solutions for your business. We don’t only think about how things look, we thinking about what you communicate visually, the user experience, what you need to achieve your goals, and tie it all back to your advertising.

We are a creative studio, offering stunning graphic design, branding packages and web design to propel you forward.

If you're ready to work with a creative firm where you'll talk directly to the owner and get all of your questions answered, then what are you waiting for'?

R House is an Athens, Georgia graphic design and web design firm that specializes in crafting meaningful connections through visual and written media. We are experts in communicating what your organization is and does best to your audience, and we offer clients a variety of ways to interact with potential customers. With a track record of proven results and expertise in written and visual communication, we provide our clients with strategies to maximize their exposure and make every dollar count towards achieving their goals.

As a small agency, we're nimble and tailor our services to precisely what you need. When you need to speak with us, you'll speak directly to someone who can help and have your request completed in a timely manner. Whether you're looking to refresh your branding and logo design, build a new website or update with web development or custom web design, or if you're looking for a creative partner to take marketing and graphic design tasks off of your to-do list, we're here to help.


Branding marries the purpose and passion of your organization with visuals that communicate your enthusiasm to your audience. See what a well designed logo can do for your business.



Websites that clearly communicate who you are, and what you do, with compelling visuals and top-notch SEO. Tell the story of your business with custom web design and web development in Athens, GA.

Attune Movement Website by R House
North Georgia Spas by R House
Greater Oak Contracting Website by R House
Susan J Kim Website by R House
Berkeley Ridge Website by R House
Stanfield Air Systems Website by R House
Decon 1 Website by R House
Keystone Height RV Resort Website by R House


Compelling visuals help you communicate clearly and evoke a memorable response from the viewer. Make it easy for your audience to remember you with captivating graphic design.

Stanfield Air Advertising Design by R House

Advertising Design

Product Design by R House

Product Design & Packaging

Marketing Design by R House
Marketing Design by R House

Marketing Materials

Digital Advertising Design by R House

Digital Ads

Trade Show Design by R House

Promotional and Convention Displays

Digital Design by R House
Digital Design by R House
Digital Design by R House
Digital Design by R House
Digital Design by R House

Visual Support for Events & Experiences

Graphic Design


Attract your audience and grow by being in the right place at the right time with the right message. It's a little art and a little science, and when it works, it's magic! Choose an advertising agency that is responsive, with a track-record of success. Choose R House Advertising

See the case studies linked below.

Crossing Creeks Case Study by R House


Crossing Creeks

This luxury RV Resort in the North Georgia mountains has it all - spacious RV sites, tiny home real log cabins, and breathtaking views. See how we worked with Crossing Creeks to make them one of the best-selling RV Resorts in the country.


Ross-Haigler Realty

Before the housing market was hot, a group of realtors in Charlotte, NC enlisted our help to spur interest in the properties they were listing. See how a few well-placed ads set their clients' properties apart from the rest.

Advertising and Graphic Design Case Study by R House


Your business is valuable.


You've worked hard to get it to where you are today, and you have big goals to achieve. That's why we start by listening. We want to know where you're going so we can help you get there.

We Listen. We Learn. 

Then customize a strategy for you based on your goals and needs. Each strategy, each project is tailored to what YOU need. Pair a strategy that's customized for you with visuals designed to captivate your audience, and you've got a winning combination.

So, come on over to R House - a web design, graphic design, branding, and advertising firm based in Athens, GA. We'll have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you.

R House Graphic Design

Why R House?

You'll get a familiar voice on the phone and a response to your emails, each and every time. Based in Athens, GA, we work with other US-based businesses to provide logo design, branding, web design, web development, and graphic design.

Cindy Reynolds, web design and graphic design with R House

Tailored to You

No two clients are alike, and we customize everything to you and your needs - no copy/paste templates, re-used content, or recycled visuals allowed. You get work that is unique for you and your business every time.

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