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Premium RV Social Media Subscription

Get social media content delivered directly to your inbox AND a professionally managed Facebook Ad Campaign each month with the Premium Package of RV Social Media Content & Advertising from R House Advertising.


With your subscription, your first month's content will be automatically delivered to your inbox within 24 hours. Every month thereafter, content will be delivered on the 15th of the month for the following month (eg. April's content will be delivered on March 15). 


The Premuim Package also provides a custom-created Facebook Ad Campaign each month delivered to an audience tailor-made for you and your brand. The Facebook Ad budget is $300 which is included in the cost of this subscription package. You'll also receive a two reports each month detailing the results of your ad campaign.


What you'll get each month:

  • A content package that contains 20 pre-written posts
  • 20 visuals (images or video) labeled to accompany the pre-written posts 
  • 10 writing prompts to help you write your own posts
  • 1 expertly manage Facebook Ad campaign
  • 2 Facebook Ad reports each month (every other week)


Our content is tailor-made for your industry and geographic location, and all pre-written text is paired with compelling visuals (images or video) and crafted by social media experts. Your content will feel fresh and authentic.


Along with your subscription content you'll have access to our learning tools - video tutorials and text-based guides. This training is exclusive to social media subscribers and contains step-by-step instructions the quickly and easily guide you social media marketing skills that include:

  • Boosting a Facebook Post
  • Creating a Facebook Audience
  • How to set up your Facebook page
  • Adding admins and editors to your Facebook page
  • Scheduling Facebook content
  • And more!
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