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Ashford Center: Imagine Your Life Without Periods

Goal: Increase number of Procedures Results: More than doubled the number of in-office procedures within 7 months

The Ashford Center in Athens, GA specializes in GYN care. Their goal was to increase the number of Endometrial Ablation procedures completed each month. This life-changing procedure is a specialty of Dr. Clinton Ashford, and eliminates monthly periods and PMS symptoms for almost all women who have this procedure at the Ashford Center. The results he gets are significantly better than the national averages.  Problem: Not many women know about this procedure, and there is a lot of misinformation online regarding this procedure. Solution: A campaign based on what life is like without having to worry about a monthly period or PMS symptoms, targeting women who have completed childbearing. Utilize short patient testimonial videos in digital ads to drive home this message. Use social media as a hub for sharing campaign-related content. Drive traffic to their Facebook page through giveaways. Media: Online display advertising, radio. online video, social media ads and Google AdWords. Results: Exceeded their goal and more than doubled the number of procedures they're doing each month within 7 months of working with Costa Creative, 4 months after the campaign was launched.


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